Saturday, 19 May 2012

POEM: For Harry

I have written this poem for my future Godson's Christening in June- any feedback appreciated...Thanks Polly x

June the 3rd and someone, somewhere seeks light.

And we are at the beginning,

Out of an old answer comes a question.

Will I promise to teach you what I know?

No. I will not promise you one thing.

I will point towards the light through the leaves and hope you see beyond the sky.

I will paddle with you in the waves, make mud pies and let ice-cream drip down your chin.

Let you select the best shells, dip nets in rock pools, draw out the slimy monsters.

Will I promise to have the answers? No.

I cannot promise you this.

But I will hold your hands and rub your feet if you wish.

This is your story that’s unfolding, a sunny view, a comfy cot,

Music and stillness, fullness and expectation.

Find your feet.

I’ll let you stare at spoons if you so wish.

Show the wonders of a pickled egg in a packet of crisps.

I’ll show you the utter randomness of life,

Laugh when you rant; cheer when you try.

But now go the bells and we are ready to rush

to more places to drink and raise toasts,

greet other faces who smile ‘cause you’re little and can’t yet speak words.

But words are piffle when you can have song –

let us learn from the dolphins, the wolves and unicorns

Dare to put your faith in the unseen. Dive in.

Let us learn from the trees and the bugs and the tigers.

Let us learn from the dreams of butterflies and poets.

Find your feet. Then fly.

And remember to send the postcards

I’ll pin them up, keep them dry.


  1. Interesting. Instant comment from someone not into christenings... on the message, I don't know what the old answer is. Then you say you won't promise one thing - true, because you then go on to promise several (paddling, pointing through leaves...).

    The very last line not necessary - a bit of a let down - perhaps if it ended with the postcards line but cut the word 'the' - i.e remember to send postcards.

    Above just few of many things I could say - meant sincerely by me - but please do note that I've no previous experience of christening poems!

  2. Thanks for your comments Tony. This was my first draft and I revised it after. I suppose with personal poems they will often not be understood by those not connected to the person. However, my revised poem, which I did read at Harry's Christening, was well received so job done!