Friday, 13 March 2009

fishy stories

Following our successful bout of fish related stories at writing group, take 'the dumbfounded eyes of minnows' and run with it, Genista told us; so we did.
Later that week I was chatting to my nan (the wise one or yoda as i like to call her) and I was harping (or should that be carping) on about how some people had booked flights for 1p, yes 1p! To which my nan replied, 'a sprat to catch a mackerel'.


Make a story out of that one if you dare....

Thursday, 12 March 2009

bear with us....

A new project and one hopefully that will get off the ground in the current economic climate! The wonders of having writing as a hobby is that you have a relatively cost-free outlay, i.e. pen, paper (ok and a computer if you want to flash it up on a blog like this - but most libraries let you use them for free). And books, yeah, books are everywhere, an abundant resource at your fingertips and so deliciously stocked almost anywhere. So no excuse really. Get writing.

In the near future I'm hoping to enlist the help of the Somerset Writers to bulk out this blog and tell you all about our varied and interesting pieces of work, events and activities. (The last two might be one and the same thing but I can't be bothered to edit right now)

Toodlepip for now....