Monday, 18 June 2012

Watchet Summertime Week - performance poets wanted!

Pete Stevenson is organising a 'Busking' day for the Watchet Summertime Week (see website for more details of whats on - on August 13th. He is asking musicians etc to do a stint on the day and also anyone who does performance poetry if they would be interested. He is clear that he wants very performance style stuff (no agonising!!) as whoever does it will have to make themselves heard on the esplanade, grab people who are walking past etc. with their words of course!

He is also organising a poetry reading at the Watchet Live Music Festival on the early evening of 24th August - also performance poetry which is usually done in one of the smaller tents (tea tent) where they have a mike and later on they do accoustic stuff. If you go to this event he would need your name to go on the door so you can get in free for the evening.
Anyone interested in either of these can ring Pete to discuss 07896867799.