Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Autumn Reading Challenge

Last year I set myself the challenge of reading all the shortlisted books from the Man Booker Prize Shortlist. I managed to read them all, largely because I had a holiday during that time and can always read more when I'm not side-tracked by daily business. Even though some weren't the kind of books I'd normally choose to read,  I have to say I discovered some fascinating writers and storytellers and would like to read more of their work.
Now this year I find an email announcing the 2012 Man Booker Prize Shortlist so I'm setting myself the same challenge. The full list can be found on The Man Booker Prize website if you'd like to do the same. I think I'll ease myself in with 'Swimming Home' by Deborah Levy.
Happy Reading!


  1. Are you going to be going to the Booker Debate at the Octagon Theatre in Yeovil on the 4th October? Could be quite interesting seeing this list!

  2. Hi Kate, not sure if I can make that date, but if anyone else is interested - you can book with the Octagon Theatre