Thursday, 18 June 2009


I’ll let the tide come to me
wrinkling its skin and curling up
the beach with its whispering voice
giving me a tongue lashing with it’s
thirst quenching, gut wrenching bulk
pushing up pebbles and flotsam and sand
looting the lugworms burrows with salty liquor
shouting move back - move back - make way
covering the dips and hummocks of the shore
making it flat once more, kicking down castles
and moats, providing a mooring for boats and
fishermen’s floats, I’ll let the tide come to me
licking and creeping to my toes and I’ll let
its nose sniff me out like a dog wanting its tea
I’ll let the tide come to me while I sit ashore
watching and wanting the water to wash
like a brimful of hope from an ancient sea
cleansing and healing the devil in me
I’ll let the tide come to me

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