Thursday, 28 July 2011


I was driving down the M5 on Sunday when I ran over a roof rack bar, my poor old camper was relatively unscathed, but a tyre was blown and I spent a good hour sorting it out with the other driver and waiting for rescue. Ok, I can’t change a tyre.

So I spent the time writing haikus. Here is a selection:

Fast cars speed past us

Flat tire we await the AA

Roadside assistance

(I think the fast cars speed past us says the same thing twice, and the concept of line 2 could be said to over run on to line 3, perhaps:

The fast cars speed past us

Flat tired we await the AA

One hour at the most)

A stream of traffic

People driving flash by us

We are motionless

(Again the middle line is weak, perhaps” moving metal flashes by” works better?)

A roadside picnic

Accidently forced on us

All our plans on pause

(This set me thinking of Roadside Picnic by Boris & Arkady Strugatsky, well more the wonderful film Stalker by Tarkovsky, we ate while we waited.)

Why am i telling you all this? Simply to say you can write anywhere. Always carry pen and paper and if you get the chance write. No matter, as in my case, that the result isn’t very good, just write-some of it will be. Just remember once you’ve got a skeleton you have to work on it and that does take time.


  1. nice use of time. haikus are cool!

  2. you are a poet -
    yes, dedicated, for sure.
    but no mechanic!

  3. Is the M5 where that terrible accident happened? That was just awful.