Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Stories of Great Turning

Stories of the Great Turning is a collection of stories of how individuals and groups are contributing to this revolution. Joanna Macy has agreed to write an introductory essay, centred around five guidelines for taking part in the Great Turning:

•come from gratitude
•don't be afraid of the dark
•dare to vision
•link arms with others
•act your age

You do not have to be a skilled writer to contribute, but you do have to be willing to rise to the challenge of telling your story beautifully. We will arrange writing workshops to nurture and stimulate creative storytelling. Interested? then click the title above for more info....

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  1. It's wonderful to have a dedicated group of writers for encouragement and support isn't it. I know I couldn't function without mine. Check us out at

    It's always fun to read another writers' group blog. And I'm enjoying reading yours.