Wednesday, 18 April 2012

About a Dog

We found a dog in our free period.
Decided it was lost, named it Alec,
looked under its tail to check.
Suddenly we were children faced with a decision.
We walked away, Alec followed.
Alec didn't look like a biter;
no collar; clean paws; no frothing at the mouth
i.e. rabies free.
The policewoman asked us questions,
we said, "His name's Alec".
He stared a betrayal at us - wagged his tail.
We had just started 'Tess of the D'urbervilles
and didn't know. The teachers with no imagination
asked, "What were you doing wandering in town?"
Mr Dams smiled with his eyes and said,
"Trust you two!"
We picked wiry dog hairs off our jumpers
during double Psychology -
'The Mating Ritual of a Stickleback
can teach us how other animals court. Discuss
1000 words'.
We drew willies on Ali's folder the whole lesson.
Our future was the weekend.
We forgot about Alec.

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