Tuesday, 3 April 2012

News from Fire River Poets

After the wonderful assortment of poetry at our March reading with the uplifting poems of Rose Flint alongside our usual variety of open mic offerings which were all shades from dark to light, from fun to disturbing, we offer our usual mix of poetry and discussion at our poetry cafe on 5 April.

All we ask is that you bring along a poem of your own that you would like to read and be prepared to join in the debate on poetic forms and styles, techniques and problems, on competitions and magazines, on publishers and the internet. In other words, on every issue that is current in poetry today. One of our Fire River Poets members, Anthony Watts, who has four publications to his credit, will lead off as our featured poet for the evening by reading some of his latest work and perhaps answering a few questions, but thereafter, the evening is yours ...

To newcomers I say: "don't be shy". If you have never read your own work in public before, this is an ideal opportunity to do so in front of a friendly audience of fellow poets.


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